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to says something rocks ass is to say that it is glorious(good, great, grand...) in every aspect. The term can also be used when discussing the activites of homosexuals, but lets not get into detail. When using the term rocks ass never wear a backwards hat and/or a "varsity" jacket. If used correctly, "rocks ass" can be the life of any party!
Wow! This movie rocks ass!
Hoorah! Raffi rocks ass!
Wowzers! That man is an ass rocker!
HEEEEY! My new pants rock ass!
Woah! That lamp rocks ass! I absolutely have to have it!
by Fog Patrick July 03, 2006
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Well...where to begin? If something rocks ass it usually means it is very good or great (sometimes grand). However, it may refer either to a homosexual man or woman in a manner i do not wish to discuss. When using the term, rocks ass, keep an open mind and be aware that people may take it the wrong way. Be sure to give a chuckle directly following the phrase and never wear a backwads hat while using it. If used correctly, it can be the life of the party!
Wow! This movie rocks ass!
Whoopeee!!! This roller coaster is an ass rocker!
Heeeeeeey! Those booty shorts rock ass!
Wowzers! You sure rock ass at this game!
Excuseroooni sir, but you do not rock ass!
by Fog Patrick July 01, 2006
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