Rock meaning Flint ignition for Black Powder guns and Lock means the trigger mechanism
"rocklocks" means a Flint Lock gun
by billw_willy June 15, 2009
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RockLock is a strain of cannabis. Its Parentage is Warlock x Rockstar. Highly medicinal! Flowering time is a "short" 56 days. Seeds are found at DNA Genetics.
by HerSoldier August 24, 2011
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someone that says that are going to do something and they don't do it.
He always says he is going to meet us out, but he's a rocklocker...he never shows up.
by dee969 July 26, 2010
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Rocklock is a term in Southrabonia to have sex with children (Pedophilia)
Pete rocklocked 3 times yesterday.

When Fritz rocklocked his first time he was excited.

Herbert loves to rocklock.

Rocklocking is forbid in every country except Southrabonia.

If you get caught rocklocking you will get impaled as punishment.
by herbert122322 April 20, 2007
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