Someone who enjoys the darker industrial side of techno, or more accurately, the more aggressive stompy side of industrial music. The rivethead is ridiculed equally by the old school industrial fans as well as the newer cyber crowd, but is usually too busy stomping to Caustic, Feindflug or Die Krupps to give a damn. Rivetheads are commonly thought of as being supremely elitist but behind those outsized military goggles there often lies a knowing sense of humour--hell, you'd need one if you dressed for war just to go clubbing.
"You call yourself a rivethead? I invented that shit. You wanna stomp to Death Method, you owe me royalties." --Chase of Reconstriction records (he may or may not have actually said this)
by EinsturzendeSteve May 16, 2008
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A person who listens to industrial music. Characteristics/stereotypes of rivetheads include:

1) Anger at everything
2) That anger turning into a "More Rivet than Thou" attitude
3) A constant drive to find obscure industrial music
4) A great affection with Germany
5) A great affection with the millitary, without promoting or condoning war or violence (only violence to those lesser than you)
6) In depth knowledge of the entire history of the subculture
7) In depth knowledge of all types of industrial
8) Worship of the bands: Skinny Puppy, Throbbing Gristle, Coil, (and for the lesser rivet's) Nine Inch Nails
9) Interest in the government and what the government is up to
10) A dislike of glowsticks and ravers

Rivetheads tend to dress eaither in black, or in a millitary fashion. It is characteristic for a rivet to shave his/her head. It is also characteristic to wear goggles. The more 'industrial' in nature, the better. The industrial subculture has a vauge coherant thought, along the lines of "machines are powerful and should eaither be respected or feared."
Ich bin ein Nietkopf. Ich liebe dein schnubart.
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
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Epithet for listeners of Industrial Music. Characterised by Futuristic Ideation, Dystopian Affect, Elitism, and Militaristic dress.
The Rivethead may be provoked by Manson Tee shirts.
by Psiberzerker April 11, 2004
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A person who is associated with the industrial music scene.
Rivetheads are familiar with the name Gary Numan
by mandi November 28, 2003
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One who listens to industrial music, yells in German, wears welding or WW2 fighter pilot goggles, and stomps on ravers. D IS FOR DEUTSCHLAND
"Be careful of that rivethead over there who is listening to Funker Vogt. He might assimilate you!"
by Robert Roboto August 11, 2003
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A dystopian, fashion, and musical subculture, that embraces chaos, and anger. Similar to the Punk Subculture, in it's need to stand apart from Society's 'Normal' , rivetheads try to make a statement visually and verbaly. They listen to Industrial themed artists and bands such as: Combichrist, Angelspit, Rammstein, Geist Kinder, Modulate, and Nine Inch Nails. Rivethead fasion is mostly black or dark clothing consisting of: combat boots, Military Jackets or shirts, goggles, gas masks or respirators, industrial music shirts, bondage harnesses, and straps, chains, and badges, patches, or medals. It is not uncommon for a rivet head to shave their head completely bald, or into a short Mohawk. Rivetheads, usually associate with members of the goth or punk subculture, but are not members themselves, even though their political, and social views may be similar. Rivetheads enjoy solitude or small social gatherings in decrepit settings such as junkyards, abandoned warehouses, or condemned buildings. When they do attend large social gatherings it is in either a club or concert setting.
OMG Bill, I almost called that Rivethead "goth", I bet he would have tried kicking my ass if I did.

by D+N8 March 21, 2010
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