Feindflug is a German power-noise, electro-industrial project/band. They were formed in 1995 by two people named Banane and Felix and remain active to present time. The band name 'Feindflug' literally translates to 'flight against the enemy' in English. Their music is about World War II (and war in general), authoritarian regimes (especially Nazi Germany and Soviet Union), and the death penalty. Unfortunately, their music has been misinterpreted for supporting Nazism, which they have stated quite clearly that their music does not intend to glorify Nazism, but rather reflect on the issue. They have distanced themselves from the Neo-nazi scene. Their motto is "Use your brain and think about it!".
Feindflug is a great band. You should buy all of their albums and listen to every single one.
by Ed Luffing June 28, 2013
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