1. Combichrist is the sound that goes on in my head during a bad day at work.
2. An awesome industrial/aggrotech outfit.
I looked around the staffroom at all the miserable faces and tried to think of something nice to say but all I could hear was the driving beat of Tractor pulsing through my brain. It was a Combichrist moment.
by Navigator to the Damned April 3, 2009
The best Industrial group ever.

Combichrist was founded in 2003 by Andy LaPlegua, and has since released six albums. Combichrist was a bit obscure until the 2006 release of "Get Your Body Beat", which many people have heard of.

Some examples of their songs are:

1. Get Your Body Beat
2. Red
3. Scarred
4. Without Emotion
5. Get Out of My Head
6. Kickstart the Fight
7. At the End of it All
Combichrist's "Red" is the most addictive song ever!
by Evestar July 19, 2009
One of the better industrial bands.
Combichrist is a good band from Germany, better then NIN since NIN has lost their touch since the album "Downward Spiral".
by Cuy July 17, 2006