A community of people that live along a river. Known as tight knit community that always sticks together and looks out for its children. Also, spend a lot of leisure time along the river, fishing, boating, ect. People that live along a river are proud to be called "river rats!"
river rat is a community/town/residence along a river
by river rat proud July 16, 2013
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In poker, the river is the fifth commmunity card to come up and the river rat is a person who called all wagers, with no apparent hand and a minute chance of winning, in order to catch some miracle card and 'river' any legitamate betting/raising hands.
I flopped a set, pounded it the whole way, and that river rat Mario called all the way just to hit a gut-shot.
by haymaka May 3, 2004
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One who stays on and/or near NO PARTICULAR river more than one lives in ones own house and spends long, strenuous hours enduring the rapids, with one's choice of various water sports, such as, but not limited to; kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and the ever popular tubing.
It is very possible that one has not showered in an extended period of time.
It is also highly possible to find among this wondrous group of people a body that smokes that beautiful, amazing, god-sent herb, marijuana<3.
Person A: I haven't seen that person in at least a month.
Person B: Probably because that river rat never leaves the river.
Person A: Man that person stinks.
Person B: You'll find that many river rats do due to an extended period of time on the river without a shower.
Person A: Dude, what is that smell? It smells like... skunk!

Person B: Well see that river rat over there? First, it is not skunk you are smelling. Second, that is not oregano it's..... real good "TOBACCO" in that "TOBACCO pipe".

by BQGAniala June 28, 2009
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1. A dirty person that lives down by a river or creek, claiming to be clean.
That river rat is so filthy.
by George560 November 9, 2006
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anyone who lives in, around, or in a ten mile radius of the roanoke river, the roanoke river canal trail, or roanoke rapids. usually wear wife beaters, jean shorts, and air forces. smell bad. have a moustache and a shaved head.
Ben: look at that river rat. hes so filthy.
john: hell yea. him and his rat girlfriend make me sick to my stomach.
ben: yeah. why can't they grow beards? they have moustaches at age 12.
john: it's somethin in the water.
by fuckassbitch12 April 4, 2009
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Someone who either lives or represents El Rio, California. Usually low life wannabe gangsters who frequent Walmart stores and attempt to steal shit only to be caught and think they are bad ass mofos. They start fights only to run away from it.
River Rat: Sup foo i just got out for stealing from walmart
CO Boy: La Colonia Chiques Eastside, fuckin pussy.
*River Rat Runs*
CO Boy: Get back here bitch, 187 on a river rat.

by 805 Beaner July 25, 2010
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In poker, a fuck stick that has no pair and no draw that hits a card on fifth street "the river" to give him the best hand and suck out on another player and then brags about it. The amazing river card, making bad poker player look good since 1942. No pair, no draw, no problem!
plyr1: I called cause it was sooooted!
plyr2: You are a terrible fucking poker player river rat!
by Jim Etheridge December 11, 2005
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