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I don't get it. Just type RIS whenever you don't get something, and no-one else will get it too.
RIS? I don't get it.
by Paster of Muppets September 12, 2006
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RIS stands for Reverse Image Search and is a common online tool -initially made famous by google re: their 'search google by image' option.

theoretically, the r.i.s. tool allows anyone to search the entire web, i.e., google, by a photo (jpeg, .img, etc.) All the user has to do is right click any photo in their browser, select RIS, and chrome will perform a search using that specific image file - a stark contrast to the traditional option, text.
TINA: you've never met him, don't meet him at his place. you only know him from tinder
REY: not true! we're fb friends and he follows me on twitter... plus i matched up his snapchat's to his insta and they totally matched. then i ris'd every single one of his ig photo's. he's not a catfish!
TINA: nice that was smart... but he could still be a good looking serial killer, just meet him at max's - no harm no foul.
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by buttboss March 14, 2018
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buy the domain for your cat site
nickname for a person named Iris or a person with SWAG
bob: hi iris
steve: hi 'ris
iris: hi bob and steve
SWAGie person: hi steve
by PIGGYWISDOM September 14, 2013
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serious, true,not joking, not being sarcasic, truth
your mom:go clean up your room
You:are you ris?
your mom:huh?
you: haha
by Cbtlk March 11, 2008
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a weed-smoking shhf head.
you're like a ris.
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
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