I don't get it. Just type RIS whenever you don't get something, and no-one else will get it too.
by Paster of Muppets September 12, 2006
serious, true,not joking, not being sarcasic, truth
your mom:go clean up your room
You:are you ris?
your mom:huh?
you: haha
by Cbtlk March 11, 2008
a weed-smoking shhf head.
you're like a ris.
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
Ri ri ri means to fornicate or to have sexual relations with anyone or anything.
Two Guys the morning after a huge party.

Guy #1: So, dude, I saw ya headin upstairs with that Dara chick... What's the story there?

Guy #2: Fuck yeah dude, I took her up there a we were like ri ri ri all night long.
by ChaoticKitty March 23, 2008
Anyone named Ris has an energy like no other. People with this name hold a supernatural sense of intuition. They are empathetic and kind, but will not hesitate to fight for what is right. They can spot a shallow person at the drop of a hat. They do not like encounters with fuck boys and basic bitches. It's no lie that anyone named Ris is absolutely gorgeous, but they are still humble and modest.Those named Ris are often PoC, mainly Asian and/or of Asian decent. Ris's are always right, and always the best type of person.
Person 1: Did you see Ris today?
Person 2: Yes, wow they are so beautiful and graceful.
by umygu January 3, 2020
over excitement an jovial spirit. met with rainbows unicorns an sparkle dust
by Theblackariel June 2, 2019
This girl is literal your queen ! If dumped this girl you're an idiot . Treat her right, bitch !
by Mee18 June 1, 2020