1. A skateboard thing with two wheels and a middle section that twists awesomely for increased motion and awesomeness.

2. A person who's really petite and skinny but has really toned muscles.

3. A mispronunciation of lipstick.
I got decked by a guy on a ripstick and broke my arm!!

She's so small yet so ripped. What a ripstick!

My ripstick shade is called Hibiscus.
by mapleleaf~ March 23, 2012
Dude you tryna ripstick at church tonight with me jabroski
by SethDizzle69 November 18, 2016
A caster board from Razor, not to be confused with a skateboard; and more so related to a snowboard. It holds two wheels and is self propelled with the alternating movement of the legs/feet. Can come in many colours.
I love my new red Ripstick.
by oOAndrewOo January 2, 2009
The process of masturbating so furiously you rip/tear your foreskin off.
Guy 1: Hey, have you seen Chad?
Guy 2: Nah, he's gonna be at the hospital for a while.
Guy 1: What for?
Guy 2: He had a ripsticking incident last night.
Guy 1: Holy shit.
by Beans Cena November 10, 2015
Someone who has mastered the impossible art of ripsticking. Usually thought of as "undefeatable".
Pamela: You know that kid corey? He is a ripsticker.
Molly: Totally! I heard that he's the reason the word ripstickin was created!
Pamela: Woah! that's insane!
by momela the third March 24, 2009
A frickn sweet new style of a skateboard from Razor. If you have ever heard of the "Wave" than this is basically a much better version. Warning: Ripsticking is exremely addictive. Get it at your nearest Sharper Image.
Dude I can't stop ripsticking. It's like a drug.
by amimal22 October 20, 2007
A hard core gay porn move where the more domonate male roughly gives a hand job and then slapes the others dick with a rolled up news paper.
Dude this guy just gave me a Ripstick.
by sunkis April 22, 2011