(v.) When a man shoves his penis into a woman's ass so much as to make her bleed profusely and lose control of bowel movement.
I saw wubag's panties today - with those stains she must have gotten ripped open last night.
by crippled_death May 8, 2005
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The state of being absolutely intoxicated from consuming many more alcoholic beverages than one's body can physically handle.
Dave: These past five days I've been completely sober, but tonight I'm getting ripped wide open.
by bouncedeezy August 24, 2010
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the promise of having rough intercourse with a sexy lady in order to spread your seed

see also: pop you open like a clam
"Hey Susan, come here so I rip you open like a phone book and we can start a family."
by Tom Jones 2 July 24, 2005
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