Rinkers are Rink Rats, drunk most of the time. You can always count on them being there behind the glass with a cup of piss-warm beer. Most rinker girls are swampers.
Did you see those rinkers after we threw a twine-bomb into the net. They went balistic
by rightbootgotit April 29, 2008
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What is a Rinker? You may be asking yourself that very question right now.
Rinker is many things, a surname, a boat company, a building materials company,
but most importantly of all, Rinker is a music group located in central Florida.
Rinker has always and will always be active in the local scene and finds
most of its inspiration within. Rinker has
evolved into a darker more current sound, due to member
changes, age, maturity, and progression. After several low
budget punk rock cd's, years of live shows in the southeast and much inactiveness the boys decided the current lineup is worth investing time and energy into, with new drummer Scum and new bassist Stan, Lead Guitar Joey, Guitar, Vocals, Samples Shawn, Lead Vocal Rob a new dynamic has been achieved. Although a very eclectic range of influences, the current sound is a post hardcore metalcore hybrid, crossing the lines between Jawbreaker, Clutch, Hot Water Music, Thrice, Lamb of God, Faith No More and some of the newer metal bands on the scene. Rinker plays in drop Csharp tuning to achieve a beautiful yet heavy melodic sound.
Are you going to the rinker concert?
by theonlyjimjones January 17, 2008
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