Michael Mell is a pure gay boy from the Musical Be More Chill

We don't speak of the Michael Mell from the book
Michael Mell is the best male in Be More Chill, change my mind.
by MilesWritesShit November 10, 2018
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Everything felt fine when he was half of a pear.

Now through no fault of his, there's no other half there.

Now he's just Michael in the bathroom: Michael in the bathroom at a party.
No, you can't go in, Michael Mell's on his period.
by SQUIPsicle May 22, 2019
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Michael Mell is the best friend of Jeremy Heere in the musical/play/novel Be More Chill

He is known to be a retro kind of guy, from driving a PT Cruiser and listening to Bob Marley to loving 7-11 and having a pac man tattoo

Michael’s not yet to be known as a part of the LGBTQ+ but he does sport a rainbow patch on his signature Red Hoodie

Known from the first song of the musical, More Than Survive Michael does smoke the devils lettuce, he also does own a pair of marijuana socks

Michael is a fan favorite, plus he has gay moms soo his odds of being gay are kinda high (like him right now)
Is Michael mell gay?
Who is Michael mell (antisocial)
by Boyf_Riend Shiper March 20, 2020
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Michael Mell is a character in the sci fi novel Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini, and the subsequent musical that was based off the novel
by drowninginfandoms May 26, 2017
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