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(A furry)
He's the Protagonist of a Musical called Be More Chill, along with the book (same title).
He has a best (g a y) friend named Michael Mell.
Jeremy is in love with a play rehearsal f r e a k named Christine Caniglia.

In the musical, he gets a pill called a S.Q.U.I.P. ( A Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor), which is a voice in his head that tells him how to 'be more chill' in his high school life (Jeremy wasn't exactly 'popular' at all before the S.Q.U.I.P.).
The S.Q.U.I.P. also makes him stop masturbating-
Jeremy Heere is a furry.
by kittyppy September 27, 2017
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Some stupid teen that decides a drug to be cool is ok.
Hes a "Tall Ass"


Youre welcome
by Momu August 29, 2017
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Jeremy Heere is a character in Be More Chill. He has a crush on Christine, the theater/drama child. His best friend is Michael, who is gay. It has been confirmed that he is not straight, and is most likely bi. He got a Squip, and he almost destroyed the school.
Jeremy Heere is a twink.
by Ani Vale May 21, 2018
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