the common practice amongst homosexual males, in which the dominant partner assumes a passive position, lying on his back, while his submissive partner agrees to submit to anal intercourse by straddling the supine partner, accepting the penis of said partner in his anus, and actively "riding" said penis, usually to the point of mutual exaculation. it has the attraction that the two partners, during this manoeuver, are able to look into each other's eyes and exchange kisses.
"I worked up such a sweat fucking him on his was so great riding the horse. I worked up such a sweat doing it, and so did he."
by peter-paul October 6, 2009
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When taking a shit, sitting backwards or facing the wall or toilet tank so that when the turd drops, it lands on the runway and not in the water.

This can be done to leave some serious stench as the whole turd and not just the tip is fully exposed to the air, or just to leave a present firmly attached to the bowl for the next person or owner of the shitter.
Dude 1: "What the fuck is that stench coming from the shithouse?"

Dude 2: "Some asshole dropped a duece riding the horse backwards so the shit didn't go down."
by Steamer Joe January 11, 2010
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She went to ride a white horse, don't wait up.
by Le_ska July 11, 2008
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Horse is heroin. Those who ride the white horse are regular users, addicts, otherwise they'd be "chipping." Not to be confused with "ride the pale horse" and "ride the white pony."
At some point every drug user, destitute and desperate, resorts to the cheapest accessible high. When you wonder what appeal heroin has, it is that it fills this niche. It winds up being the last alternative too, because when you ride the white horse, so often you subsequently die.
by LLCisyouandme September 12, 2014
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Korean slang meaning to Fuck a white woman
Clayton 'What did you do last night Jeffery?"

Jeffery "I Ride the White Horse"

Clayton "Fo Sho"
by Rollme One Kenobi March 9, 2011
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To be under the effects of adderall.

Etymology: This word developed from the phrase "Ride the white horse." which is in reference to cocaine use, and came to popularity in the 70s. The similar stimulant effects of adderall have caused the effects of these two substances to be considered in some ways related.
I got to do well on this test, man. I'm about to ride the orange horse through this study session!
by CoreyD123 August 17, 2008
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