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refers commonly to a gorgeous kurdish girl.
they usually have big asses, nice teeth, and dazzling eyes.
nynyoioi is a common phrase used to grab their attention as it has deep meaning in their native tongue.
That girl, by no doubt is a dilan.

*most suitable for erol types.
by serifelololol September 04, 2011
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A best friend to all. Very very very nice and caring. Also good looking
Person #1 β€œis that a dilan”
Person #2 β€œhell yeah”
by Choggfynhd February 10, 2018
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Dilan has the most beautiful personality you can find, she has natural beauty that no one can replace, Dilan can play hard to get when it comes to relationships, and if she has a crush on someone all she will think about is that special person, she definitely has a few secret admirers, Dilan tends to fall in love with her bestfriend, she is the most loyal girl out there she can keep not only secrets but she can also keeps friendships , if someone does her dirty she might put on a smile but deep down shes hurting , if someone assumes things that arent true then good luck because shes gonna tell you things you do not want to hear, Dilan can be seen as having a big ass , beautiful, nice hair , funny personality, if you have Dilan as your bestfriend then you are one lucky human
Person 1: Dilan has the most beautiful hair and face

Person 2: Thats why im in love with her!
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by Snapchattt00 February 26, 2018
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Sexy girl who will get into bed with anybody. Can suck you right off.
- Hey I'm feeling really horny
- Call Dilan she'll quench your thirst
by Emilygrilmanie December 16, 2016
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