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non-standard spelling of "rhythm".
Origin: representing a Jamaican pronunciation; the Jamaican Patois of the English word "rhythm".

Riddims are the instrumental backgrounds of reggae, lovers rock, dub, ragga, dancehall, soca, bouyon and also grime compositions. Also, rare cases in reggaeton.

A riddim (Patois for instrumental rhythm track) is an instrumental version of a song, which applies to various types of music, Riddims usually consist of a drum patter and a prominent bass line.

"Dubstep Riddim", is a track that usually features: Triplet Percussion Arrangement, Sawtooth LFO Automations, Minimalistic Layers, Wide Delays, and lots of flanger and chorus filters. Or in English, it's that really bouncy, wonky, sometimes repetitive side of Dubstep that you can't help but skank out to!
This new Jakes tune has a hench riddim dubstep flow enit bruv.

"10/10 Savage Wonk"
- Dubloadz
by CANC3L June 19, 2014
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