Ok so it basically means you got tricked into thinking you would watch a good or bad vid. People do this because well the singer of this was kind of off key i guess. But i personally like this song.
Hey, come check out this cool vid. *looks at it but sees rick astley* HA YOU JUST GOT RICK ROLLED SONNN!!!!!!!
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by urban stlye October 19, 2017
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A polite way of telling someone that they are WAY too gullible into believing everything they see. Usually this is brought about by someone mentioning something interesting that the other person would like to see. And instead of giving a link to that item, they give a link to the music video, "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. And at that point, they have been Rick Rolled. This term is so popular it is now coined in Wikipedia.

Google, "rick rolled" to see it appear there.
Dude, you've been Rick Rolled !
by dw817 August 26, 2015
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Unknowingly clicking onto a link that refers you to Risk Astley's 1987 hit 'Never Gonna Give You Up'.
Get absolutely rekt, Mr. Conaghan. You've been rick-rolled.
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by getrektmrconaghan June 11, 2020
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To be decieved into clicking a youtube link on an internet message board that leads to a 'Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up' video, under the pretense of it being something else. Has its origins in 4chan and World of Warcraft boards.
"Hmm 'click here for more tentacle hentai', lets see *click*"


"fuuuuuuuck I've been rickrolled!"
by Julez83 May 17, 2007
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When one clicks on a link to a video expecting some fascinating and timely video related directly to the conversation at hand only to discover it is a link to the music video "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley.
Bill said he posted a link to gameplay footage from the new StarCraft game, but instead he rickrolled me!
by L.A.V. May 29, 2007
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When your boss tells you to wait in another room while he bangs some chic he just met. Named for what Rick Pitino did to his assistant coach at a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky.
My boss told me to hang out in this room after dinner while he finishes talking to this blonde chic. Then I peeked out the door and he was screwing her on our table! I've been Rick Rolled!
by LaterTater August 13, 2009
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