When you attempt to watch a video that happens not to be that video. Instead, it is a rick astley video that someone tricked you into watching.
Dude, i was totally looking for porn but this rick astley video came up...I got rick rolled
by Joe M. Ahmah December 18, 2008
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Getting overly excited about finally finding a "real" video of something you want to see on youtube, and then suddenly against your will, the truth is revealed. It is just a video of "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley
This is the real episode 9 of Salad Fingers!...:doodooodoshdoooshadoo: You have been rick rolled!
by Rolledbyrickalot May 24, 2009
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Popular forum prank started in 2007. Someone will post a link to a Rick Astley video from the 1980s (Astley is a gay-looking pop singer from the 80s), but disguise it as a link to something else. Victims of the prank are then said to have been "rickrolled".
sup all, there's a new Harry Potter trailer! Check it out!

<insert disguised link to Rick Astley video here>

wtf? where's the harry potter trailer?

you just got rickrolled!!!11! lol
by rebel7254 May 19, 2007
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Being tricked to watch "Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up" through a post on forums, the video usually leads to a youtube video

My new pvp video is really good, check it out (link video)

by Moond May 16, 2007
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Rock Roll, Rick ROlled, or Rick Rolled

The process or act of posting a link or attatchment to a Rick Astley video such as "Never gonna give you up" Then by you clicking on it, you have just been Rick Rolled

Usually disguised as something else such as "Check out my new car"

Accredited to a popular car forum, bimmerforums.com often discussed as not funny and completly absurd it still has the comedic value to change any subject or lighten up the harshest of moods.
"Hey guys check out my video of my car"

Video > www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sK3AqFYAWQ


"Crap, Rick Rolled again :("
by Steve Nawrocki (Bsaint) May 24, 2007
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a video on you tube or another type of video source with a title that people will definitely click on. This will get the user plenty of views. Like new Lil Wayne, PS4, touchscreen psp, New Soulja Boy Dance, brand new cell phone, etc. Then about 5 seconds later a video comes on with some white guy singing (not 1/2 bad) which gets annoying as hell.
I was searching for new Lil Wayne and got Rick Rolled multiple times today.
by 757 to {Ace} the 302 January 28, 2009
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Opening a youtube link that is supposed to be something of great interest to a forum community,only to end up to the 80s Rick Astley hit "Never gonna give you up".
Forum thread title"starcraft universe mmo video leak"
Post 1 from the OP"OMG a video leaked from blizz hq,youtube link here"
Hiting the link gets you Rickrolled.
by cowl May 19, 2007
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