A stupid fuck that drives bulldozers naked
That fucking rhoads loves being naked on his dozer
by yeeeeep December 18, 2014
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A more common last name coming from Ireland. It represents Strength, Smarts, Trickery, and Emotional Rejection or Comfort.
by RandomWordGoesHere March 19, 2017
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Was the main guitarist for early Quiet Riot and Ozzy Osbourne. Often overlooked and underrated by many. One of the GREATEST and most INFLUENTIAL guitarists that ever lived. Helped set Ozzy's ass straight after he was kicked out of Black Sabbath. He's known for combining heavy metal and classical music into his works which created a neo-classical sound. Uses guitars such as the Gibson Les Paul and Jackson guitars, as well as his signature Jackson Polka Dot Flying V. The world was not able to see his full potential as he died at an early age.
Person One: Who's Randy Rhoads? Was he really that amazing?
Person Two: Go listen to Mr. Crowley.
by Go listen to Randy Rhoads November 19, 2006
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The one, true Guitar God. A divine musician who taught us all to be better, bet musicians, better metalheads, and better people. And so, his time of preaching to the masses had come full term, and he returned to his home in palace of heaven.
Before you say God is a God, remember, Randy Rhoads is

by znej December 31, 2013
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The best guitarist who ever lived. Period. End of discussion.
Randy Rhoads is the best guitarist ever.
by Love, Kowski January 14, 2004
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THE definitive L.A. scene guitarist. Formed the legendary band Quiet Riot when he was just 16, and went on to join Ozzy Osbourne in 1979. Born Dec. 6, 1956. Died March, 1982 from a horrible plane crash accident intended as a practical joke. He is the reason Jackson guitars is in business today, being the designer of the first model, the "Concorde", which is now known as the "Rhoads" shape. He used classical modes and pentatonics, diatonics, hexatonics, and more to create fluid, melodic riffs and lead lines. He set Ozzy's career back on track when it derailed from being booted from Black Sabbath. He continues to influence MANY guitarists today, including but not limited to: Diamond Darrel from Pantera, Zakk Wylde from Ozzy Osbourne/Black Label Society, Buckethead, Jerry Cantrell, and many more.
A guitarist whose full potential did not have a chance to be shown. THE most brilliant guitarist of ALL TIME.
by Ryan Ratliff December 5, 2003
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the guy with over 800975368032 dads and was probably an accident.
by i hate school 2.0 February 7, 2022
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