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An acronym for "real fucking mature". Usually used in a sarcastic setting.
person 1: so how many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

person 2: your mom knows how many licks it takes to get to the center of MY tootsie pop ;P

person 1: wow, rfm dude -.-
by RFMkoala March 14, 2011
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Stands for 'Read-the-Fuckin' Manual.' especially handy for people asking stupid questions about electronics, vehicles, or anything with a manual.
Guy 1:Hey, Dude, what does this button do?
Guy 2:I dunno, man, RFM.
by BdT Royalty March 10, 2009
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RFM is an acronym for "Relentless Forward Motion" and is most commonly used amongst long distance runners.
I was an hour into the marathon, but I wasn't thinking about the pain; I was just focused on RFM at that point.
by Robert Watson September 30, 2005
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Used to describe someone coming close to the level of coolness of Ray Fucking Manners.
That guy is a real RFM.

If we do this we will be RFM.
by Phillip Smith August 05, 2007
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Recent Former Military.

Individual(s) recently separated from the armed-services (army, navy, air-force, coastguard or Marines) and/or to retain/exhibit traits commonly associated with military service and/or having served.

RFM Characteristics:

S/he has a clean-cut and/or squared-away appearance; is active in maintaining well-rounded level of personal fitness; has a look and demeanor of reserved confidence (sometimes confused with cockiness); is fiercely loyal; is quick to learn/adapt; is able to assess and appropriately respond to threats; is goal-oriented; approaches tasks with a sense of structure and discipline; endeavors to minimize mistakes and/or capitalize on them as opportunities for improvement (ofi), doesn't allow personal feelings to interfere with the mission/objective; is unusually aware/vigilant of surroundings; maintains composure under pressure; possesses a high degree of integrity/accountability; has a no-nonsense approach to problem-solving; a natural tendency to lead or follow, but able to assume either role as appropriate; has an high threshold for pain and/or pleasure; strives to cover unit liabilities and maximize unit assets; often has learned-tendency to repress emotion(s), aka locked and loaded; an individual who generally does the right thing, because it's the right thing to do.
the new guy/girl at work seems: like a team-player and/or wound kinda tight ... what's up with him/her? S/he's RFM. ah, that explains it.

see that group of studs over there--they're mostly RFM. yeah, they've got that RFM way about'em.

my brother has ptsd. what happened? he's RFM and was over in iraq.

Pat is RFM; therefore, s/he's an excellent candidate and/or plug-and-play-ready to be an efficient employee.
by usmc dawg October 06, 2011
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Room for more
Used in games. i.e Ever Quest: "Room for more on hill".
by Tagi June 28, 2004
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Common acronym used in the south side of Houston, Texas by hispanics. Often used to describe someone who is close to or has reached the level of coolness of Roland Medina. The full expression is "Roland Freakin Medina," though few people used the full expression.
Did you hear that Brian is dating Bethany? He's so RFM!
by RaptorWrangler April 22, 2009
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