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the scrambling and panickedly mannered act(s) of instituting fiercly corrective measures, laws, by-laws, see you later-laws, get the fuck out-laws, rules, by-rules, get the fuck out-rules, city and statewide ordinances, by-oridinances, good-bye motherfucker ordinances and any other discomforting unpleasant unwelcomness contemplatable, conjurable, craftly worded, so-tobeit a legislatable, any-something any-somehow to convey any-possible-somehint of displeasure by formerly friendly welcoming townfolk, who've decided diversity wasn't such a great idea after all and are one rudeness away from becoming a pitchfork, hatchet, axe and flaming lit-torch carrying mob thanks to the (placement) arrival of less than flexible (to put it lightly) new arrivals that have “culturally enriched” their new adoptive community, the way a large uranium spill might.
They had, had enough of the 7th century time traverls and had devised a streamlined stealthy plan of reversity to send them back to the correct time-zone!
by Lenz Blaster June 10, 2018
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The use of overly-diverse stock photography within marketing campaigns despite the lack of actual diversity within the targeted demographic.

Often marked by the complete absence of white people.

The ultimate in reverse discrimination within the advert biz.
"Tanner, did you see the hodge-podge group of ethnicities that will benefit from reading that mutual funds brochure?"

"I did indeed, Tyler. But why does it seem that white people never retire?"

"Sounds like a case of reversity to me, brah."
by Reversity Marketing Group December 21, 2011
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