The act of witholding sexual relations against your partners will for the sole purpose of displaying the power you hold over that person.

Females are infamous for their use of reversed rape on their male counterparts as a form of punishment.
Ami reverse rapes Anthony at least once week because she's a power tripping tramp.
by WarPirate November 20, 2004
When a girl fucks a guy without consent

still rape just because it's a different gender don't mean shit
Greg: if a woman rapes a man it's called reverse rape

John: no
by Officer Puncake November 1, 2020
when a woman tries to put her anus or vagina on a man's penis when he doesnt want it or wants her to do it.
Ryan:hey george selina tried to reverse rape me at a party.
George:really man when was this!?
Ryan:it was last night at a club we were at... it was scary.
by infalusion May 10, 2010
1) The act of being given back your virginity through force.

2) The act of your virginity forcefully being thrown back into your body.

If you are in the act of Reverse Rape and you have not lost your virginity in the first place. You then have two virginity's, or more commonly known as Virginity².
Jim: Dude, I just got reverse raped...
Bob: How did you manage that?
Jim: It just happened! It was all so sudden.
by Sieabah L. park April 17, 2010
When a female or group of females rapes a male. IRL almost non-existent, in pornography (mostly hentai) a demanded but quite rare situation. Also known as "manrape" or "soviet Russia rape". Often including shota.
"Holy shit, man, yesterday I almost got reverse raped by my GF!"

"That old lustful bitch tried to reverse rape me."
by Justy89 May 1, 2009
When in the act of being raped, the hostess turns the tables while being raped and begins to rape the host.
"I pulled a reverse rape on my father."

"Jim was getting raped by bob the other day then Jim overpowered Bob and started to rape him."
by Andrew Clifford December 22, 2007
the denial of the want to be raped, thus provoking the raper to proceed with the raping.Which was how you planned on getting laid.
Kenzie: joey im going to rape you so hard.

Joey: nooo kenzie dont rape me!!!

Kenzie: oh, now im totally going to rape you.

Joey: awww yeah, you just got reverse raped.
by jojofosho999 October 6, 2010