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Sexual manuever performed in doggy style position. Like its namesake, the houdini, it involves deception. Instead of spitting on the fair maiden's back and blowing your baby batter into her oblivious mug, the fluids swap roles. At critical mass a) withdrawal thy staff and deposit your sticky white love piss abound her dorsal region followed by b) a hearty dose of saliva (spit) in her face. "Viola": a mystical sleight of hand for children of all ages.
"David Copperfield is a pussy."- Harry (Hairy) Houdini

"Do you believe in magic, and I hope you do...!!!"-Ronald McDonald prior to issuing a reverse houdini.

by Janjigian April 08, 2006
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To reappear in someones life. The opposite of pulling a houdini
All though Glyn is exhausted from countless bounds forward in his quest to better himself he has vowed not to stop working 24-7 on his personal growth until Eve pulls a reverse Houdini and re-enters his life
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen November 01, 2014
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Unlike what other people think, who are morons and don't identify the 'reverse' of the 'reverse houdini' is when you've performed a houdini so often (aka, you're engaging in anal sex, pull out and act like you're coming on her back but instead are drooling and she turns to see and you cum in her face) that she turns to catch the facial and you just hock a loogie in her face. The idea here people is that it is degrading SO MUCH to the point that a normally highly degrading act is hightened by an even more degrading act. This girl is OWNED!
A girl who's pretty much a useless piece of tramp ass - Reverse Houdini baby!
by The True Houdini July 19, 2008
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As a man reaches climax whilst in the "doggie style" position, the man pulls out and spits on their partner's back, all the while the savvy woman knows her partner is an idiot and spitting on her back. The man thinks he is fooling them into thinking that he has ejaculated, however, when their partner turns around before the man can let loose his baby yoghurt in his partner's face she kicks him in his dingleberries making him unable to have enjoyable sex for the rest of his life.
Joe thought he was going to cream on Sara's face but she did a Reverse Houdini on him and Disabled his penis. He now lives to make her sandwiches.
by Muffdungeon June 17, 2015
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It's the logical opposite of the regular houdini (when you're doing a girl from behind and spit on her back, she turns around and you blow a load on her face). With the reverse houdini, however, you actually do come on her back, but when she turns around, you spit on her face!
Bammm! you just got reverse houdinid biatch!
by Mr. Prez4004 March 12, 2010
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Essentially the same as the classic houdini, only instead of spitting on the girls back and shooting yogurt in her face, you drop the dairy on her back and then spit in her face.
"I thought of giving my girl the houdini, but I didn't want to be mean, so I dropped a reverse houdini"
by adamD1982 January 15, 2008
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