To return to an earlier state, the opposite of renovate or gentrify.
The hippies spashed brown paint on the walls of their building, removed a door, and broke two windows in an effort to retrovate.
by Mr. Noah Tall January 29, 2011
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To come up with an idea that you aren't aware is already around. From "retro" meaning backwards/before and "innovate".

To retrovate something, one must think it's an entirely new idea. That is, he must not have any prior knowledge of the idea being around. (Retrovation is a form of plagiarism if the idea is published.)
Man: "I had an awesome idea. You could go make me a sandwich, woman!"
Woman: "You might've just retrovated that, honey."
Man: "No back-talk woman, make me a sandwich!"

Guy: "I coined the phrase nbd two years ago, now everyone I know is using it!"
Girl: "Wow, that's pretty badass. . . Except it was the word of the day July 2, 2007. I think you might've retrovated it."
Guy: "God dammit... Sleep with me anyway?"
Girl: "Wasn't going to happen to begin with."

lamer21: "Dude, there was an xkcd on retrovation, check it out, it's comic 827."
blackHatDude: "Retrovation means you had the idea after, it doesn't mean you had it before and never publicized it. By the way, I thought I should inform you, I hit your cat the other day, he didn't run away."
by sarcastic_Slick December 19, 2010
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Retro-innovation. Innovation that happens when people resist change or when they go back to a state before the change was brought in. Remember, standard definitions of innovation is built around change and consider resistance to change anti-innovative.
People are increasingly going back to the good old days. Retrovation is evident in many new products that we use. Organic, fertilizer free farming is popular again. At the very least, we apply retro-filters on our digital images when we cannot get back to the real bygones. Retrovert has actually become a personality type, just like introvert and extrovert.
by BabuGeorge April 29, 2015
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A renovation to make a space look like an older period.
Picking up some rotary phones for my retrovation
by MindGrapes October 29, 2014
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