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Requesting another chance to shake hands due to a handshake mishap (e.g. missing and grabbing just fingers) on the first attempt. The handshake reset allows both participants to save face and also helps prevent the moment of unspoken awkwardness, outright ridicule or even death that usually follows a handshake mishap.
Guy 1: Yo what’s up man? Been a while (Goes in for a handshake and partially misses, grabbing just fingers).

Guy 2: (Moment of unspoken awkwardness) Uuuuuhhh yeah man............good to see you too.

Guy 1: Yo dude I fucking missed. Can we get a handshake reset on that?

Guy 2: Fuck yeah we can! Glad you asked for that or I was about to whoop your ass!

Guy 1: And I would’ve deserved it. (Handshake reset results in a proper handshake and everyone is happy!)
by JSnoop September 22, 2011
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A vomit that restores you to an earlier save point of soberness
"I don't feel too bad now but I don't remember anything between here and the club."

"Yeah, you hit the drunk reset on the way back."

"Oh, that's good."

"Not really dude, you were french kissing your girlfriend's brother when it happened."

"Yish, not again."
by H.S. Willsy August 21, 2011
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A single point in time that serves as a reference point to indicate a significant shift in popular culture. The point in time often refers to a specific real-world event that is tremendously influential, so much so that it profoundly affects and reshapes popular and mainstream culture. Usually, a cultural reset is promptly followed by a new Zeitgeist (which means "the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs").
Trump winning the 2016 election is a clear-cut example of a cultural reset. After this point in time, pop culture became increasingly more fixated on politics and social justice. Internet memes went through a complete terrible overhaul. Pop music began to shift from inspirational to silly frivolous tunes (both musically and lyrically). And people have started adopting a more critical view towards what they read on the news.
by UwUltimateDoge May 23, 2021
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When all else fails in resolving an electrical or automation issue.
I have no idea how this works or where to start looking for what could be the problem here. I’m going to have to try the TonyO Reset.
by BigT1973 September 25, 2019
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Drinking to such a excess that you wake up the next day feeling entirely refreshed and not at all hung over.
Hombre uno: Mi amigo how are you not completely destroyed we drank the entire bar last night.
Hombre dos: Muchacho I drank just the right amount to have a hard reset.
Hombre uno: ¡Dios mio!
by fightswithbears June 3, 2018
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Reset Bitch is the unlucky individual who has the utmost displeasure of bending down - most of the time leaving a comfortable position - to hit the reset switch on game consoles that were made prior to the year 2000. Reset Bitches are the person who is present in a group of friends that are gathered around a video game, and they usually don't get a turn on the video game themselves.
Friend 1: "Ah, shit. I need somebody to reset my Atari! I don't feel like leaning over to reset it."
Friend 2: "Fuck that, I'm not doing it!"
Friend 3: "Ha, I'm not gonna do it either!"
Friend 4: "Wha- What? Why is everybody looking at me?"
Friends 1 - 3: "You're gonna be our Reset Bitch."
Friend 4: "NOOOOOOooooooo."
by XiEViLiX March 10, 2014
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When someone hasn't had sex, or participated in any sexual acts in so long, they might as well be reset to a virgin. Or if the only person that someone has gotten down with, is horribly ugly, it doesn't count, and that person is a virgin reset. Like reseting a game or a calculator, its all fresh, and inexperienced.
1) Matt was talking shit to his little brother 'bout bein' a virgin, till I called him out; only ass he's tapped was that ugly bitch back in high-school... He might as well be a virgin reset.

2) Matt hasn't gotten any in 4 years, that little virgin reset isn't gana remember where to stick it.
by Actingrude February 5, 2008
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