The act of using wet paper towels to clean your ass and taint due to the effects of swamp ass and consistent wet farts, usually after walking outside on hot, humid days.

Usually performed to prevent cube or office mates from realizing that your smell like poop, though more likely than not, they already know. Can also use moist towelets, or baby wipes. Dry toilet paper cannot proivde the necessary solvent affects to deminish your smell.
Frank: Dude, I just walked back from the mall. I've got swamp ass and I've been farting all day...I think I need to reset.
Jim: Yea, its like 100 degrees out, and I can smell you from here, you should reset before the ladies...
Sally: WTF Frank, you small like you are swimming in your own feces, even a retard could tell that they should do a rest, God you are stupid.
by Sapper Skip September 17, 2009
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The term used to describe the act of curling up into a ball after an embarrsing or painfull events. It's primary function is to block out reality untill the event has been forgotten by the people who witnessed it. A state of resetting can last any length of time as usually makes the situation alot more embarrasing.
Nat: *falls down the last two steps and curls up into a ball to block out reality*
Daz: Lol, RESETTING sinabit Nat.
by gazamano May 12, 2010
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The act of jamming one's finger against the forehead of someone mid sentence and saying "reset" in order to end what they are saying and move onto something more intelligent.
1. "Bean wouldn't shut up, so I reset her. Class was much quieter after that."
2. Bean: "I was watching Jersey Shore last night and"
Nate: "Reset" (action of stabbing forehead with finger)
Bean:"Owe!... what was I saying?"
Life continues.
by MPBW April 12, 2011
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A flip reset is a high-level mechanic in the game “Rocket League” which, if executed properly, entitles you to mercilessly shit on your opponent if you are rank Champ 3 or below.
“Bro, I just did a flip-reset on you, you’re trash, ff, get out of my lobby bitch.”
by white_brownie July 20, 2021
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a cultural reset is when something big in well known pop culture changes or is added causing people to change the way they look at things or to have a lot of people hop on the trend.
when apple added the 🥺 emoji it was a cultural reset
by timothée chalamet <3 May 7, 2020
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When you are having sex without ball cam and you flip yourself 180 degrees while boosting in order to get on top of the other person. If you perform this action correctly with precise timing, you can keep boosting up wards until you are tornado of sex exceeding speeds of Mach 3.
"Ughn aeughn, babe im about to flip reset"

*blushes and starts to moan* "babe did you see that sick Arial that i just hit?"
by Sacculish December 24, 2020
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When you eat a women's ass from behind, and reach around and stimulate her clitoris at the same time
1st person: Dang man, I shouldn't have did what I did to her last night, I was drunk.

2nd person: What u do to her?
1st person: I wanted her to feel something different, I wanted to be different. I gave her the factory reset last night.
2nd person: man u done fucked up, u ain't never getting rid of her now
by Slangventer316 March 14, 2021
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