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Something that is simultaneously hot and awkward. Why spend the time saying "I find this situation is both hot and awkward?" When you could just say "This is hawkward." Or better yet, just pause and say "Hawkward!"

When something is hot, in a sexual way, while being awkward too.
(Me and my sister are making out with each other.)
Sister: "OMG. You are a really good kisser!"
Me: "You are too, sis! Wow! This is hawkward!!!! LOL!"
Sister: "Def. What time is mom coming home?"
Me: "Not for another half hour."
(We resume making out.)
by TryTbone November 10, 2012

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The other side to the story of the legendary 'shocker' maneuver. Once a woman has learned to love it and starts to ask for it, the surprise and shock are gone and, by definition, it becomes the 'requester'.
Two runners in the midst of a long training run:
"How is your love life?"
"Great. my boyfriend gave me the shocker last night."
"What?! Are you into that?!"
"Yeah! It is my absolute fave. I asked him to do it."
"Wow! But you realize that if you ask for it, that it is not a shocker anymore, right?"
"No? Then what it is?"
"A requester."
"I had no idea! But, I think I may just ask him to give me the requester again tonight."
by TryTbone June 10, 2014

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