To display something in a proud and aggressive manner.
Person 1: Fuck you
Person 2: What did you say?
Person 3: You betta represtent(directed at Person 2)
by Mr.Grammar May 24, 2003
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Yo Represent means to show respect for da loved ones
Person1: I'm smoke ya'll niggas!
Person2: Yo fuck we better run! He got a gat!
Person3: Fuck dat
(Person3 lunge's at person1 with bare fists.)
(Person3 gets shot in da arm but chokes person1 to death.)
by Dj Kosha October 22, 2003
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it means to represent your hood...ur home town...something of that sort...representing is like showing off where ur from...
WASSAAAAAAAAAAAA, wat hood or clique do u represent...where are u from...
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Represent Company, Ltd. is engaged in producing their own collection of clothing and accessories for leisure was established in October 2000 in Prague. With its unique style quickly (around the period of 2 years) found a place among global brands. Given the focus on the target group of young people in particular is available in shops specializing in snowboarding and skateboarding all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia in many places.

See also: Horsefeathers, Fucking Weather, Nugget, Funstorm
by Mr.Pranksta December 28, 2010
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