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A person who is obsessed with their status on an internet forum so bribes/ does favours for members of that forum in an attempt to achieve higher rep points. I on the other hand am simply a whore and proud of it.
gemgems: I love Israel
vienna: Why so do I, i would rep you, but i am not a rep whore. My life only exists on an internet forum in which i am a complete bitch, and have no real friends or a job!
by vienna95 September 07, 2005
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A repwhore (correct English: reputation whore) is a whore who likes the reputation of a online forum and thus asks everybody to give him or her "rep" (short for reputation).

When asking *cough* begging *cough* for reputation, most of the time you will get a derep (correct English: negative reputation) unless you are cool and/or a oldfag or maybe any other reason.

Noobs might beg for reputation the whole time, but it's best for you and me to ignore this person or (if possible) give him or her a negative reputation (a.k.a.: derep) because that is what they hate most.
In good situations these noobs might even kill themselves which will make the world a little better.
Noob: oMg gib m3 repz0rs~!

Oldfag/Cool person: Give me rep or you won't get account, because I am a repwhore.

Other person: Give me rep please
by Penrue March 08, 2008
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Internet forum speak for somebody who, upon receiving reputation from another forumite, always reciprocates. The rep whore (or wh0re as it often spelt, to avoid swear filters) also pesters other members of the forum regularly to be given reputation points.
'Ramroff' is a filthy rep wh0re. He's always trying to wh0re with the high reppers.

" SilverWings you are looking lovely tonight, your reputation points look particularly magnificent :D

*points to rep button* "
by Herleif August 12, 2005
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