Going parking and/or having a rocking time with a person you are in a meaningful relationship with...
Yo, boo, Do you want to 'rent a car' tonight?
by Mandy Kelly February 5, 2009
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car = bad customer service and shitty salespeople. Each branch is usually ran by some washed out frat boy that had a 0.5 GPA in college.
"Damn, I just wrecked my Jetta in that stupid snowstorm."
"Sucks for you cause now you got to rent a car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car."
"Fuck, shit, piss, damn, bitch!!!!!"
by mwood23 March 12, 2010
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a type of sexual act, an enterprise rent-a-car is where you rent a car and have sex with a girl in the back seat of the car. when the act is over, you kill her.
i pulled an enterprise rent-a-car a few weeks ago. i hope the police don't catch me
by nick February 10, 2005
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