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Reigne is a kind and loving person, Reigne can be a thot sometimes and annoy the shit out of you but reigne will make you laugh the hardest out of all your friends can. Reigne is helplessly in love and will never be loved.
Person: What’s one word to describe you?

by Bruh2222 March 11, 2018
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The worst guild leader to have ever existed. Is a total Thot who teases smol childs into her guild with her wily ways. Is also a Horse.
Me: Reigne is the worst guild leader NA
by GuildPayoutsWhen November 29, 2018
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Reigne is a smart and caring girl. She usually roams around the internet when bored, if not, she plays moba games on her phone. Reigne is a unique name only a few denominations have, thus, finding a Reigne would be difficult. Reignes are usually short, funny, and athletic. At least the Reigne I know is. Reignes also put their trust in people very quickly (which I don't like about her.) Reigne is a smol cute child, don't soil her with unpurities.
Guy: Dang, I played with this chick in a moba game and she played a tank very well, dude!

Friend: Dude, that's Reigne!!
by Mearceci October 31, 2018
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The man with the biggest dick, heart and most handsome face in the room
OMG you’re such a Reigne, so how many girls have you fucked?
by bubbob May 15, 2019
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