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Here follows a brief history of reg ;)

AutoVoice, the God of #jj2, has a feature that allows him to record random phrases people say and spit them back out as an autoresponse later on. So one morning #jj2'er Disguise said reg ;) meaning 'regular'.

Later, on a particularly sleep baked night in #jj2, AV's autoresponse script was activated, and for some reason 70% of the time the only response was reg ;). Those there found it hilarious and began using it as a response to anything in any and all circumstances. It became a highlight inside joke for people into SpiffyJuice or the JCF.

reg ;) is used as a reply to absolutely everything, but is reserved sometimes for extraordinarily good circumstances. For the opposite, reg ;( may be used though that's not very important either way.
Person 1: I think I lost my wallet
Person 2: reg ;)

Person 1: Saddam is in JALE!!!
Person 2: reg ;)

Person 1: I seemed to have misplaced my scrotum.
Person 2: reg ;)
by Spaztic December 28, 2003
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Of unknown origin, used 21 cen. AD by residents of #JJ2
Of, or pertaining to reg ;)
Always lowercase reg ;)
alternative: reg ;D
Slayo reg ;)
by N0B0DY November 18, 2003
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