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the act of spreading peanut butter on a fly honeys asshole then tearin up the chocolate highway
i gave that bitch a reeses cup
by wun22 December 22, 2010
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Smearing peanut butter on someones butthole and eating it out.
1rst male: "Dude your girls freaky!!"

2nd male: "Yah, last night she wanted me to make a Reese's Cup"
by Coreyarm February 10, 2012
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An African-American person who is usually very fond of (or usually pretends to act like) Hispanics, South Asians, or those of any other race with tanned color skin and its customs.
She is African-American, whereas her husband is from India. So she is likely to be a Reese's Cup.

That black man is speaking a lot of Spanish and he is dating a Hispanic girl. Thus, he is acting like a reese's cup.
by Angel Hunter August 15, 2008
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Person 1- "Man, I could really go for a reesescups right about now."

Person 2- "What are you, gay?. Eat a snickers you dumb thot."
by snickersnigger May 16, 2018
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