A couple who do not do a variety of activities while dating, instead doing the same things over and over again.
Every day, Jon and his girlfriend would do nothing but play Monopoly, go fishing, and walk to a hookah bar. They shouldn't be in a redundant relationship, instead they should be in more of a diverse one.
by Iloveyoubaby46547 June 16, 2010
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1. The title of Matt Damon’s new spy thriller.

2. May refer to any extraneous or inferior movie sequel.
“You seen that new Matt Damon flick?”

“The Bourne Redundancy? Derivative, man.”
by Bottom Ford March 14, 2010
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When a person creates a word on Urbandictionary.com, and it's submitted for review by the moderators. Then you must check your email to confirm its submission, and you wonder why this process even exists when the site allows people to upload words like "Iced Dildo," which is a frozen piece of shit that one would use for vaginal insertion to heighten pleasurable experiences during anal sex.

Also see "Portugese Breakfast," and "Vacuum Cleaner," and "Cincinatti Vegetable Soup." Why these definitions were conceived, God only knows...
Review Redundancy is sure to follow any submission to urbandictionary.com. In fact, it's about to happen right now.
by staratsx September 20, 2011
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Using the term fail too much in one sentence.
Sarah: "fudge! I dropped my ice cream."

Emily: "that fail was like a total failure of epic failing failness!"

Sarah: "just shut up! Commiting Fail Redundancy doesn't make you any cooler than me!"

Emily: "....that was still a fail."

Sarah: *mean glare*
by AmbyMT October 09, 2010
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A phrase, statement, or otherwise form of communication that is Redundant, repeated to the point of annoying, or rephrased as to where it means the same thing..
My boss just got back from the Department of Redundancy Department, hes telling me of all his exploits and my wrong doings.
by Sovereign Story January 02, 2008
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A snarky little quip made when someone has mistakenly repeated themselves.
Man in the coffee shop: Continuing on, I'd like a chai tea latte with milk.
Barista: Department of Redundancy Department!
by faithplayskeys November 26, 2009
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When a friend tells you something both in person and via MySpace. Often greatly reduces the weight of a statement. Used when one is unsure of another's attention to their received MySpace comments.
(MySpace comment from: *Joshy-Tosh*): I got in a car accident dude.

Joshua Toshen: "I got in a car accident dude."

You: "Yeah I saw your MySpace comment. Nice Myspace/real life redundancy."
by John WK April 05, 2007
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