When 5 or more mentally impaired people are inside the same pool.
Ryan - I do not want to swim in this pool.
Tim - Yeah its a vegetable soup, lets leave.
by FugginShib March 21, 2015
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hearty soup made of tomato or beef based broth and many vegetables sure to fill ya up and clean ya out.
The cabbage and beans in this vegetable soup are giving me bubble guts.
by Jill Glomb May 16, 2008
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the opposite of a fruitcake; a very straight man who shows many heterosexual qualities
Guy 1: Hey bro, did you just see Evan flirting it up with Andrea!? He really has all the moves.

Guy 2: Yeah, he's a real bowl of vegetable soup.
by theatreninjas October 20, 2010
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When a bunch of retards are sitting in a hot tub.
When the special ed kids are in one swim class, they are vegetable soup.

Brain: Why are you making a vegetable soup?

Counselor: Becasue I like to be healthy
by Carpitkid69 March 14, 2018
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When multiple disabled persons partake in anal intercourse and deposite in said hole.
Man1: I had Cream of Vegetable Soup last night.
Man2: There has to be a use for these people.
by Spazmax October 4, 2009
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When you try to find a deep meaning behind a stupid simple thing, and then when you realize that there was nothing hidden but that you have imagined everything in your head, you feel like an idiot but also happy and carefree.
-Hey John, I ve just finished building a lego house for my lego man. Look how cool is that.
- NO DUDE WTF?!! I ve just build a house with some lego bricks, you just got lost in a vegetable soup!
by procrastINETOR May 16, 2021
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an informal nicer phrase for telling people to learn to do something on their own, rather than wait for someone to do it for them their entire lives.
(after father stops speaking on the phone)

son: Dad, please tie my shoe-laces for me?

father: well, if you haven't learnt en temps et lieux utiles how to tie your shoe-laces, now would be a good enough time for you to learn. Right now, just shove off, and brew your own vegetable soup. I refuse to tie your shoes for you for the rest of your life.

son (shrugging): oh well, At least, i have manners,I dind't lol interrupt my dad while he was on the phone. And I said 'please'
by Sexydimma October 16, 2012
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