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A quality of diamond so poor - it's clarity resembling that of frozen milk, and it's color that of coffee.
"Get that Iced Latte out of my face!!!"
by staratsx September 19, 2011
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When a person creates a word on Urbandictionary.com, and it's submitted for review by the moderators. Then you must check your email to confirm its submission, and you wonder why this process even exists when the site allows people to upload words like "Iced Dildo," which is a frozen piece of shit that one would use for vaginal insertion to heighten pleasurable experiences during anal sex.

Also see "Portugese Breakfast," and "Vacuum Cleaner," and "Cincinatti Vegetable Soup." Why these definitions were conceived, God only knows...
Review Redundancy is sure to follow any submission to urbandictionary.com. In fact, it's about to happen right now.
by staratsx September 20, 2011
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Someone who doesn't understand the evolutionary history of "Teeth."
John stood tall, and proudly proclaimed his Veganism - prior to dropping to the floor due to his microcytic aenemia resulting from iron deficiency, bone degredation from calcium deficiency, and fatal pernicious anemia from B12 deficiency. Poor John.
by staratsx September 20, 2011
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