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the state of feeling the effects of alcohol long after you have sobered up -- the purpose behind this is that sobering up, after a particularly heavy night of drinking, takes a lot out of the body, and creates something akin to a tired high -- this state is known as being redrunk.
"I had my last shot of whiskey four hours ago and have since sobered up, but I'm feeling pretty redrunk right now..."
by xXDsquareDXx April 14, 2009
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After you've stopped drinking for a bit and sober up, you drink more until your hammered again
Guy 1:I stopped drinking around 1. About 2:30 I sobered up, so I drank more and got re-drunk.

Guy 2: I know, I was there with you.
by Shoottheblader December 11, 2007
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to drink and get hammered, then sober up. then start drinking again and get drunk all over again, all in the same night.
we drank, sobered up and drank some more, then we were redrunk.
by shirleyloo November 16, 2009
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Going too far while trying to kill your hangover with some counter alcohol, resulting in another nice buzz.
Jimmy: "Hey man, can you gimme a ride to the airport?"
Johnny: "Nah man, I'm redrunk"
Jimmy: "What?? I thought you just partied last night!"
Johnny: "Sorry man, just had some beers in the morning against my hangover, and got carried away"
by incxineratxor December 15, 2014
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