verb :red-it-tärd; a reddit ( user who argues without poof or knowledge of a subject, all arguments are fueled by emotion and based on disagreement of a subject-matter. Generally the moronic idiots of reddit, that are in their teens to mid/late twenties and lack the knowledge to debate said subject-matter. Due to this lack of knowledge their emotional part of the brain overrides the part of the brain responsible for logic and reason. A civilized debate and back and forth banter is not possible with a redditard. One must always be aware that their fodder for arguments consists of internet memes and attempts at being witty, logic completely escapes them. All other redditards will fuel this fire.

Basically an idiot that lacks the knowledge or the mental capacity to understand a subject-matter at hand, redditards fuel their argument with emotion.

Also known by: reddit hipster douche, reddit hive mind drone.
A redditard argued with me to no end. When I presented him with evidence contrary to his idiotic statements, his redditardness grew more intense and illogical.
by Exist To Resist August 14, 2014
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a user on reddit who obsesses with quoting unoriginal unfunny memes and uses the term "wholesome" way too much often describing actor Keanu Reeves. Stay away from redditards , they smell like shit
woah there my guy epic pupper, what a heckin' choncker wholesome 100 take this upvote*procedes to T pose and say mmmmmmmmmmmmmm* "Jesus what redditard "
by john the Jehovah's Witness October 13, 2020
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Somebody who uses both 4chan and Reddit.
Why the fuck would you use both 4chan and Reddit? Pick one, redditard!
by pi is mathnesss January 7, 2019
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Redditard, Noun.

Definition: A Reddit user who is entitled, and believes Reddit is the superior social media platform, also usually believes that any meme in existence is stolen and reposted from Reddit.
They can easily be identified by their world renowned catchphrase "normie".
by wrinkylbumcrack March 25, 2020
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pronounced re-di-tærd

The typical redditard is a peculiar creature. They belong to a hive mind and members of said hive mind will stop at nothing to make their beliefs known. These beliefs/actions/opinions include:

the advocacy for mandatory quarantine that is to be imposed upon everyone just because members of the hive mind are introverts

the advocacy of censorship

the worship of several unrelated figures including keanu reeves and bernie saunders

the obsession with an anime called the adventures of jotaro
drones of the hivemind will seek attention no matter what. How they seek it ranges from methodes such as self inflicted hard, lying about depression, starting arguments, calling out "reposts"( recycled content) and simping(while also insulting the practice) . If a redditard attempts to start an argument with you. Do not give in and insult them. They do not utilize logic in their arguments and will instead attempt to:

"cancel" you, call you out, blatantly insult you, or/and argue illogically using meme references and quotes from adventures of jotaro. This is how they suck up your energy. Don't waste it and if you find yourself in an argument with a redditard, they only way to win is not through logic, but through walking away. saying something like "shut the fuck up" or "nobody likes you" before doing this will tell the drone that they can't have your attention and you will most likely be left alone( that is if you can ignore their cries from afar)
John: i don't like mandatory quarantine and jojo

redditard drone: You absolute fucking fool, you blungus, you complete buffoon. YOU are wrong.

John: This is why nobody likes you

by LongJohn89 May 23, 2020
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A combination of the words "Reddit" and "Retard" usually used when referring to a Redditor who's terrible in behavior
They're just downvoting him because he said that Big Chungus isn't funny, what Redditards
by Momsucker Hitlerweiner July 30, 2021
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