An endangered squirrel that receives a disease from grey squirrels and is rapidly climbing the endangered list.
It has orange/red coloured fur, of a normal squirrel's size, but not aggressive and unable to protect itself from the disease.
Look around, red squirrel's aren't there.
by Will Nicholls Photography January 04, 2009
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(1) The Eurasian Red Squirrel - a generally benign species of tree squirrel common in Eurasia. Due to the introduction of the Eastern Grey Squirrel from North America, its numbers have been in a sharp decline throughout the British Isles, however, contrary to Anglo-centric assumptions, its population is still strong throughout the rest of Eurasia and its conservation status is "Least Concern", meaning that it is not remotely threatened.

(2) The American Red Squirrel - a species of tree squirrel common throughout the coniferous forests of North America. These little assholes have a tendency of nesting in human-build structures, causing significant damage to them in the process. Like their Eurasian counterparts, these destructive little rodents have a conservation status of "Least Concern".

(3) A natural redhead, whose carpet matches her drapes.
Person 1: The red squirrel is almost extinct!

Person 2: So why does it have a conservation status of least concern and live in strong numbers everywhere from Portugal to Japan?
by trex1985 January 20, 2011
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guy slang to identify a natural red-head female by her pubic hair.
she's definately a "red squirrel"...license plate "rd sqrl" used by natural redheads.
by feistycat July 15, 2010
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a red headed mom who's pussy is just the same color as a red squirrel
Guy one: Hey Lance Did you Get some Red Squirrel?
Lance: YEP
by kcroyals22211 February 01, 2011
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