From the movie The Matrix. The choice between taking the Red Pill or the Blue Pill. To take the Blue Pill means to stay ignorant and live the same unfulfilling life of following the herd. To take the Red Pill means deciding to "wake up" and "go behind The Curtain". Once you see what the world really is you can never go "back to sleep". Realizing the we live in the Matrix. An computer so advanced that we think we're actually inside it.
I took The "Red Pill" , and everything I knew was a lie. I can now see everything for what it really is. Illusion.
by Oldsoul3000 January 13, 2018
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The red pill is largely a reference to psychedelics in a scene from the movie "The Matrix". In that scene Morpheus says:

"You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."

Psychedelics, when properly used, help break down social constructs of the world and help people see it for what it really is. This is illustrated in the scene when Neo takes the red pill and he begins to hallucinate in a manner consistent with psychedelics. Soon he wakes up, and for the first time, sees the real world around him. He realizes that since birth he was actually living confined in a small life-sustaining pod among millions of other pods, in what is basically a farm for people created by and run by machines. This imagery parallels our reality as many come to realize, whether through psychedelics or other means, the dogma of everyday life, the lack of individuality, and realize how much control and influence society has over our lives.

(Note: Some recently, as of 2020, have falsely interpreted "the red pill" to be a reference to The Republican Party of the Unites States since that party is often represented by the color red. However, the term "the red pill" was commonly used in association with The Matrix long before, since 1999, when The Matrix was released.)
by DevonGates July 11, 2020
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Signifies the recognition of the true nature of female behavior, including her attraction to traits of dominance, preference for men with status, attraction to men who have been pre-selected by other women, and hypergamous nature. Red Pill men are aware that women are strongly influenced by the culture and that their attraction cues are often outside of their conscious awareness. Increasingly, modern women, and especially Western women, indulge in one-night stands and short-term relationship in their 20s with alpha males, followed by seeking out a beta male provider in their late 20s and early 30s. Red Pill men are aware of this phenomenon and develop a sexual strategy to benefit from a woman's promiscuity as well as avoid the financial peril of marriage. Married men can also be Red Pill, as their awareness helps them handle female shit tests and maintain attraction with their partner.

A man who has taken the Red Pill is committed to self-improvement and adapting to the reality of female behavior whether that be through the application of game in his relationships and/or withdrawing from LTRs.
Taking the Red Pill is typically followed by more success in relationships and interactions with women.
by RHassen August 28, 2014
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enlightened; aware of the nature of the universe. Is a reference to The Matrix (blue pill or red pill)
"Wow, our philosophy professor is red pilled."
by Sheut January 31, 2014
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The term "red pill" derives from the 1999 hit film: The Matrix. People who are red pilled are often curious about their surroundings and the things they've been taught throughout their lives, that are willing to discover any hidden truths regardless of how painful and dark those truths may be, to see past lies for what they really are. Not to confuse you with the black pill, which are people that see the world for what it truly is, a joke, and believe that nothing that has happened can be changed and or reversed, red pills share some of the same qualities in which they too are able to see the world for how it is. Red pills not only understand and see the world for how it is, but they desire change in the world, believing that things can still be fixed and the worlds current problems can be solved through other methods. People that are red pilled are usually nationalists and or national socialists, which are people that advocate for their own countries and the growth of their own race of people based in that nation.
Person 1: "This world is fine as it is, I honestly see nothing wrong with it."
Red pill: "Reconsider what you're being taught, either in your own schools or in general society, there are many things wrong with this world, and you being brainwashed is not allowing you to see those truths."
by UNGH72 November 02, 2020
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Used by conservatives in order to declare that they have awoken to the truth of society, and refuse to go along with the group. This is very funny to me.

You see, in the movie, if you take the blue pill, you go back to the simulation and just be happy with that, or, if you take the red pill, then you agree to wake up from the simulation and explore the truth, however unpleasant it may be.

Now, how is this humorous? You ask? Oh my friend, well you see, the matrix is widely regarded to be a trans allegory. It was written by two trans women, and the story is quite literally about taking the difficult path to explore the truth for oneself, despite opposition from those in power.

In the 90's, the estrogen pill was red, which is why it's really funny to see people who are very obviously transphobic call themselves red-pilled. It makes my day every time.
Our teacher is very based and red-pilled!
Oh, red-pilled you say? Good for them! Is there anything I can do? what pronouns should I use for them? Oh that's so cool!
It is incredibly funny. I feel like more people should do this.
by aftermathplanner March 06, 2021
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You don't have to change your economic or social stance, and you don't have to agree with everything said below but you do have to realize the corruption of democrat politicians at the very least to be red-pilled.

Is the realization of the large amount of corruption in the government, especially from democrat politicians.Being red-pilled usually involves the realization of leftist bias by most mainstream media, that conservatives are niether sexcist or racist, and the leftist bias of youtube, twitter, facebook, reddit and tumblr.
John just red-pilled by that youtube video i showed him.
by themanjeff August 24, 2020
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