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A reference to the matrix used in politics.

"You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."

Usually means that a Liberal has become more right winged.
Person 1: "Omg, Jennifer told me that she no longer feels she is Gender Queer!"
Person 2: "Perhaps she is now Red Pilled."
by TrippleT69 November 08, 2017
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Being conscientiously aware of yourself being based.
"Not only are you based, you're redpilled"
by Asderos April 03, 2021
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A term used by conservative internet users to favourably describe their own sociopolitical viewpoints; at its most basic level, it means to have been made aware of something obscure or forbidden.

It originates from 1999 film “The Matrix,” ironically written and directed by two transgender women, in a scene where the protagonist is offered a choice between a literal blue pill to “wake up…and believe whatever he wants to believe” and a red pill to “stay in Wonderland, …be shown deep the rabbit hole goes,” and join a rebellion against the simulated reality he lives in. The red pill itself is believed to have been been modeled after red Premarin-brand tablets, popular as estrogen-boosting medication for transgender women in the 1990s.

Has exactly the same denotation and exactly the opposite connotation as “woke.”
I’m based and redpilled, so the only vidya I play are apolitical masterpieces like Doom, Bioshock, and Dead or Alive!
by Hogtrude Parker March 22, 2021
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enlightened; aware of the nature of the universe. Is a reference to The Matrix (blue pill or red pill)
"Wow, our philosophy professor is red pilled."
by Sheut January 31, 2014
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You don't have to change your economic or social stance, and you don't have to agree with everything said below but you do have to realize the corruption of democrat politicians at the very least to be red-pilled.

Is the realization of the large amount of corruption in the government, especially from democrat politicians.Being red-pilled usually involves the realization of leftist bias by most mainstream media, that conservatives are niether sexcist or racist, and the leftist bias of youtube, twitter, facebook, reddit and tumblr.
John just red-pilled by that youtube video i showed him.
by themanjeff August 24, 2020
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Used by conservatives in order to declare that they have awoken to the truth of society, and refuse to go along with the group. This is very funny to me.

You see, in the movie, if you take the blue pill, you go back to the simulation and just be happy with that, or, if you take the red pill, then you agree to wake up from the simulation and explore the truth, however unpleasant it may be.

Now, how is this humorous? You ask? Oh my friend, well you see, the matrix is widely regarded to be a trans allegory. It was written by two trans women, and the story is quite literally about taking the difficult path to explore the truth for oneself, despite opposition from those in power.

In the 90's, the estrogen pill was red, which is why it's really funny to see people who are very obviously transphobic call themselves red-pilled. It makes my day every time.
Our teacher is very based and red-pilled!
Oh, red-pilled you say? Good for them! Is there anything I can do? what pronouns should I use for them? Oh that's so cool!
It is incredibly funny. I feel like more people should do this.
by aftermathplanner March 06, 2021
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