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a girl who is a friend to the end no matter what goes down you know SHE GOT YOUR BACK
zuli is my homegirl for life.
by nunya September 01, 2003

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Person addicted to sex; mostly girls, cant get enough sex
Damn, megan wants it all the time. Shes such a nymphmaniac!
by nunya December 24, 2002

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See definition of Republican
George W. Bush is a Republicunt
by nunya September 06, 2004

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When you get busted by the cops or the feds and they decide to press charges.
Throw those rocks nigga! I ain't tryin to get jammed up son!
by nunya October 17, 2004

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A cute, nice, funny girl. Has lots of friends.
"Hey Dasha you wanna hang out later?"
by Nunya May 20, 2004

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a person whos all talk no action
jenny is a mouth
by nunya April 17, 2003

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Also known as the ANTI-CHATTER, this type of person despises chatters who lie.
Known to be strong willed and open, a Brisbilly will voice his opinions openly, which makes this type of person honest and reliable.
Often mistaken for being an asshole, a brisbilly is sweet.
"Hey, Brisbilly was on yahell the other night and had an argument with several stinky women."
by NUNYA June 09, 2004

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