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A common misspelling of "receive". Some smartasses like to "criticize" this mistake, but "they're" usually the ones who make the actually irritating misspelling of many other words.
Look at these morans! 'Their' 'writting' the word receive wrong, but 'there' 'totaly' 'delireious' 'aboot' it! They 'should of' not 'writen' recieve!
by DJDash February 28, 2009

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short for "Dare To Game"

DTG is an online community which revolves around a web-based RPG set in the post apocalyptic earth were five races fight to be the next leader of earth.
Man, I totally kicked your Shade's ass at DTG!

Joe, I'm bored, let's play some DTG

Ashley got caught in C# class playing on DTG
by DJDash September 14, 2006

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verb. {to get} double sided / to double side smthing, smone.

To avoid, or be avoided of a certain topic by redirecting the subject towards something more complex related to said topic, in a way to create confusion, thus leading to the subject forgetting what the topic was truly about.
Joe: Hey Jane, do you wanna have some fun?
Jane: Of course! Let's plan a nice little vacation with my mom.
Joe: Jane, it's 1 in the morning I thought we could...
Jane: Right now? Alright, but I'm a bit tired. I'll go get the pamphlets and check airfares on the inter--
Joe: Fuck you Jane, stop double siding me with your bullshit.

Bob was annoyed that he kept getting double sided by his boss who was clearly ignoring Bob's plea to get a raise.
by DJDash July 13, 2008

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