Blogging about a blog. See blog

This is generally a cop-out method for coming up with something to put on your own blog, as the reblog offender is simply writing about another blogger's thoughts (and, of course, linking them in the hope that they'll get a trackback themselves).
All that bilge rat ever does is blog about entries on other blogs. He's a dirty reblogger!
by Grouchy Gnome January 8, 2006
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a picture/gif/random rant/anything/ found on tumblr. that has appeal to either one person or a large group of persons which causes it to be roblogged an infinate amount of people
feel free to reblog until your hearts content you have very delicious reblogable(s)
by vik687989098 September 9, 2011
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a blog whose sole purpose is to post about other blogs.
Hey Dan Rather did you read that wicked reblog about your posts?
by Chris Matthew September 14, 2007
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When a post on tumblr pertains to you and you have rebloged it before, so everytime you see it you reblog it.
tumblr:*some poignant quote about depression*
tumblr user: omg this. forever reblog
by kade12 February 11, 2012
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