the bilge is the part of a ship below the floor boards of the bottom level, just above the hull... ie the darkest and most grim part of the boat. a rat is, well, a small annoying (and to some people, scary) rodent. Therefore the term "bilge rat" is a pirate insult.
arrr, ye be a great foolish bilge rat, ye be!
by Mad Sam purple'ead January 4, 2005
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A Stoker or Spanner Wanker in the Royal Navy. Officially, they are Marine Engineering Mechanics or MEMs. Also, it's accurate since they usually spend a lot of time in the underbelly of a ship.
Does that Bilge Rat ever do any real work?
by Mr Rusher August 17, 2007
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Someone who doesn’t own a boat or has no intention of ever owning a boat but enjoys fishing and will do anything to go out in his friends or acquaintance’s boats.
by Barracod May 20, 2019
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