3 definitions by WesleySakamoto

v. to pleasure yourself watching youporn.com
Agent Sakamoto: So when was the last time you reassured yourself?

Agent Sicre: Last night, once, before bed time. Y tu?

Agent Sakamoto: Twice this morning, once at lunch, and one more before going to bed - think of you of course!

Agent Sicre: Awwww..You're so sweeeeet! That much reassurance, huh?

Agent Sakamoto: Now you know the secret of my confidence displayed before you.

Agent Sicre: I can't wait. See you in a twenty minutes.

Agent Sakamoto: Gigggity.
by WesleySakamoto March 24, 2009
Brockhaurd: I think my liver wants to disown me.
WesleySakamoto: Dude, i'm so h.o.b.a.r. right now.
by WesleySakamoto February 18, 2008
John #1: her ad on CL said she does full service gfe.

Agent Sakamoto: she's a real paypal. you didn't have to strangle her, though.
by WesleySakamoto November 3, 2008