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Trucker slang for stimulants (amphetamines or extra-strong caffeine pills), used to keep the driver awake and alert. Often used when driving late at night, or on a second shift when the driver should be pulled over and sleeping in a motel or rest stop.
Tom had to pull a three-day run to make it to St. Louis under deadline, so he popped some trucker pills and powered through the night
by jacky_boy November 26, 2009
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1. To have sex from behind (can be either vaginal or anal)

2. Ideal for stimulating the g-spot or prostate.
Dude 1: Jill and I usually do it missionary, but yesterday we decided to mix it up and did it doggy.
Dude 2: Hell yeah, it's all about the rear entry.
by jacky_boy September 15, 2009
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1. Any kind of rear entry sex wherein the man slams into the woman's ass.

2. To have doggystyle sex (can be either vaginal or anal).

3. Simply fucking her from behind.
Dude 1: Man, look at that ass!
Dude 2: Yeah, I just want to spin her around and beat them cheeks.
by jacky_boy September 15, 2009
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