The time in the day between 2:30 a.m. and 5 a.m.
What time is it Josie? Its real nigga hours
by Joselaw February 27, 2014
The time of day between 1 and 5 am. Often referred to as Authentic African American Hours.
Linda: Hey, Dante, what time is it?
Linda: What does that mean in white person?
Dante: It's 3:35.
by imgoingtokillmyself June 5, 2016
Anytime after 3:30AM when you're alone with just your thoughts, or when you're with a good friend and you talk about things that you never bring up around anyone else.
You: I don't like being up till real nigga hours.
Friend: It's alright, I don't blame you. Everyone has problems, some worse than others. But we're always here for you bud.
by Sevens_ January 6, 2018
Any time after 12 a.m. is considered real nigga hours as long as you are working on improving yourself or your fellow real niggas.
Mom: Hugo, go to sleep. It's almost 1 in the morning!
Hugo: Nah, it's real nigga hours. I have this midterm paper due at 8am and I'm just starting.
by CallMeTod March 7, 2016
a time when you and your bud can get deep and talk about some real things going on in there lives.
yo dude "real nigga hours", I'm not ready for a kid.
by sam your July 7, 2018
Real nigga hours is a mythical period of time in which fake niggas fall asleep and real niggas stay shw👁ke
*1:00 am*

Ni🅱🅱a1: Don't get caught lacking Ni🅱🅱as it's real Ni🅱🅱a hourzz
The streets don't schleep😤
Ni🅱🅱a2: When is real nigga hours

Ni🅱🅱a3: It's a period of time between 1 am and 5 am.
Ni🅱🅱a4: And if you are caught schleeping you are a fake Ni🅱🅱a.
by Vicodins son August 6, 2017
1. The time at which artificial, inauthentic, or fraudulent people (of the Nubian persuasion), are consequently 'un-woke' in their respective quarters (usually about 16:00 to 21:00 )

2. The time at which genuine labour is being done, especially if being done by a bona fide Negroe.
"We in this bitch; it's real nigga hours!"

"It's real nigga hours, who up?"
by BlackOxford February 16, 2018