a person that has multiple random sex encounters without using a rubber
Jon was named the rawdogger after her nailed that slut on the ski trip without a condom
by disco vietnam May 9, 2006
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Sexual intercourse without the use of a condom. (esp. with a first-time partner.) See Also: Rawdoggathon.
Yo, I picked this girl up on the subway, and 2 days later, it was like the full rawdogg, dog.
by climax September 24, 2004
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Rawdogg is locker room talk for fucking a chick without a condom .
Yo jim, last night i rawdogged that bitch carry.
by tastelikepudding April 23, 2011
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To go in the pussy completely raw (no condom). Very dangerous due to the high change of pregnancy or STD.
Bro the condom was expired so I had to rawdogg
by ACON May 13, 2018
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To have exposed feet with no covering shoes or socks
you cant rawdogg it here, we are in public
I like to rawdawg it in the bed
by frank the tank8969 December 18, 2021
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Angelo V. is the true definition of a professional rawdogger. He is very well known for beating da doonies down. Some may say he’s the best to ever do it. He truly is the GOAT. No one in history will ever come as close to being as great as a rawdogger as Angelo V. A true historical figure that will go down in history.
I’m such a professional rawdogger da hoes call me Angelo V.
by wevoz July 19, 2022
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a bald, argentine goucho who instinctively stares at other men's units while in the shower.
when mengel dropped his soap in the community shower, a sudden fear of a brutal ass-pounding overcame him when he noticed that a "rawdogg" was in his presence.
by John Shafer February 12, 2004
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