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To go "raw dog". To have sex without a condom
what is this painful, smelly discharge? maybe I shouldn't be raw doggin it with strangers
by Stefan the terrible May 26, 2004
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1) having unprotected sex

2) when your freind does or says something to put you ina bad position, worsen a situation, or just fucks you raw
Me- "yo man where did all the pudding go"
Rob- "I ate it all"
Me- "You raw doggin me man"
by tree mister June 16, 2011
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when you eat a hot dog without the bun
Rapper: "Dat nigga was straight up raw doggin the the streetz!"
Tyrone: "sometimes me and my hoe be raw doggin"
by wubawubadubdub August 22, 2016
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To have unprotected sex with a full figured woman. This usually involves a woman who is so undesirable that only the loneliest of creeps will attempt this poor decision.
"lets hit up the club maybe we can get a couple of Big Mamas and take them home for a little Raw-doggin'
by tenhighguy November 05, 2010
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To have unprotected sexual intercourse . In other words , no rubber .
I didn't have any condoms , but was desperate for sex . I had no choice but to be rawdoggin .
by thesightoflife May 17, 2018
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