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a black name. hes kina crazy, fun to be around, and he may not be the cutest "pretty boy" type of guy but you'll fall for him. he has a sincere heart but doesnt think things out. hes smart, athletic, shy at first... but unforgetable in the end. hes good people.
by Erik_uuuh July 13, 2012
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The top nigga. Overall a chill and sweet guy who’s the total package. Smart, athletic, sweet, and a monster in bed. Packing it under he’s pants.
Girl 1: Hey, have you seen Rashaad lately?

Girl 2: oh, you mean daddy, not since he fucked me this morning
by DemonBlade666 October 31, 2017
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A nigga that will fuck yo bitch. Seriously, the guy's an animal.
by Roy G BiV December 22, 2016
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